Samstag, 1. November 2014

Keine Kompromisse beim Komprimieren

Heute ein Beitrag von Kyle O'Hara:

False friends ahoy! This one is a personal favorite. My two (professional) loves are translation and music production, and it’s not often they come together.

I was working with a (German) sound engineer, and speaking English with him. When I got to the studio, he excitedly told me, “I compromised the whole track”, and I thought to myself, “so why are you smiling?!

There are two ways we can use “compromise”. Compromise, as in making concessions and striking a deal, is Kompromisse machen. Alternatively, compromised in the sense of having endangered or already damaged something, is gefährdet or beschädigt, depending on context. It hasn't got a thing to do with Komprimieren.

Komprimieren = compress, please. Not just in sound engineering – everywhere. Very definitely including IT.  “The data has been compressed” and “the data has been compromised” are very very very different.

You can’t afford to make compromises when it comes to this!